After using the toner, apply immediately on the face, the neck, around the eyes and forehead. Then apply cream or serum.


Hyaluronic acid serum has a filler effect which helps fill small lines on the face .


They both work on normal dark circles as well as puffiness. The anti aging eye cream works on fine lines as well.


Apply a small amount around the eyes morning and evening .


When dark circles and puffiness are stubborn.


The aloe vera cream hydrates, moisturizes and gives your skin a glow while the anti aging one has anti aging oils that work on the fine lines.


It is a complete treatment for those who don’t want to use many products. It hydrates, moisturizes, works as a filler, and tightens the skin.


A good facial wash or soap followed by the Acne cream in the morning and Acne serum in the evening. Do an Acne mask one to three times a week.When comfortable, slowly incorporate elements from the full routine


Like any skin type oily skin needs the correct oils that heal and cure. There are oils that work on clearing the pimples, balance oil production, and have antibacterial properties for infected pimples.


A serum is made of small molecules that penetrate the deeper layer of the skin. Creams work on the skin surface.


You use the lighter texture first like toner then hyaluronic acid then oily serum then cream.


Each product has special ingredients that have specific effects on your skin. Having some common ingredients helps to reinforce and increase the amount being absorbed by the skin, which helps get better and faster results.


All products that contain vitamin c. Some companies suggest using sunblock to protect yourself however we believe it is safer to use them in your evening routine.


It does work on them but it is a longer process that will help to improve the skin but will not completely treat them.


Using a dry brush before your shower or a body wrap or massager after applying the buster will speed up the process.


The Moroccan soap and coffee scrub contain ingredients that work on cellulite and skin tightening as well as stretch marks. Using it before the cellulite buster will speed up the process.


You need to use it once a day, after your shower.


Once you apply it to the skin, wait for a couple of minutes before washing in order to ensure the active ingredients are doing their job.


Yes they are very safe as they are completely natural.


Using the hair revive solution every 4-5 days for a month will yield visible results. Once the desired results have been reached, it can be used as maintenance once a month.


It is best to use it on dry hair to be in control of the needed quantity and to avoid over treatment leading to oily looking hair.


The Hair Revive is a treatment for shine, volume, hair loss and hair growth. It can be used after shower for straightening. The Hair Shield is a sun and sea protection and can be used as a leave-in after shower.


It is not necessary. Store at a room temperature.