About Meraki

Meraki is a family business that was founded in Cairo, Egypt in 2019. It provides a diversity of natural products for personal care, catering to skin, hair and wellbeing.

After years of making her own natural products, which she often shared with her close friends, Mona Awwad finally founded Meraki in 2019. 

It started with a basic face and body line made of the purest ingredients, blended with passion and attention, to provide affordable products for those seeking to care for their skin while respecting nature and what it has to offer. However it quickly evolved into much more than that as her loyal customers started expressing the need for specific products, not only for their skin but also for their hair and wellbeing.

As a chemist with over 20 years of experience, working in skin care with some of the biggest companies, it never sat well with Mona that consumers had to pay over 80% of the price of products on packing, marketing and overheads rather than the actual raw ingredients.

It seemed absurd that people who cared about the environment had to pay more to use natural products of high quality, and this idea became central in the conception of Meraki. 

In fact, sustainability and respect are two central values upon which the company is built: respect for people based on fairness towards customers as well as the Meraki team. Their wellbeing is crucial to us. And sustainability by respecting nature and animals, sourcing from nature without hurting it, and of course never testing on animals.

As a company, Meraki is aware that production will always have an ecological impact, but that doesn’t stop us from doing our best to always keep this impact to a minimum through constant reflection and adapted actions.